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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Do You Know The Powers Of An Onion?

I came across an article where a woman swore by onions and how they helped cure her child's cough and I felt it was worth sharing. I know a lot of my readers have young children who would find this useful. She placed a cut onion on the sole of her child's feet and wore a sock over it and by morning, the cough was gone. The woman also did the same for herself and said she immediately started to feel really good and tingly like her 'blood was being cleansed". The good thing is that it also helps us adults as well. Onions are known to absorb toxins and boost the body's immunity. Apparently, decades ago, onions were used to ward off plagues in England by keeping them inside houses. I once read an article in which a very old woman (I think she was above 100 years old) was asked what her secret to longevity and sound health was and she said she ate a lot of onions, daily. That story stuck with me and changed my perception about onions because I never used to like nor eat them. 

I've also learnt that once you cut open an onion and end up with some leftovers finish it immediately, you should discard it and NOT use it the following day. This is because a cut onion absorbs toxins from the atmosphere which are bad for the health and when you go ahead to eat a cut onion the next day or days afterwards, these dangerous toxins are what you would be taking in. So what you can do is chop leftover onions on a plate and keep in a corner of a room or in your fridge for them to absorb the toxins in the air and purify the air around your abode. Or buy smaller onions which you can use up all at once. :)

I'm going to try putting cut up onions on my feet and securing them with socks before I go to bed one of these nights. I would like to be able to give my own opinion of the wonders and powers of an onion.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

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  1. Rub sole of feet with cut onion and wear a sock on it? Issokay. Elizabeth Kafaru things


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