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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#AllHeartsAlways - Homeless Man Being Fed A Three Course Meal

I found this video online and I think everyone should watch it and ponder on how they can also give back to the needy in the society. Imagine how the world would be if every able person can go out of their way to be AllHeartsAlways to at least two people in need, every week. If you cannot go the length to which these young men went in helping this homeless old man, you can still do what you can within your capacity. Check your wardrobes for your old clothes, your kitchen for unused utensils and food items, etc. What you term as old might be gold to a person in need.

Coincidentally (to this post), Mayowa, the CEO of gave a little back to the society last week. and while I wrote an unpublished draft about it, he beat me to it. Check this link out.

Keep being #AllHeartsAlways :)

P.s. Is it me or does this homeless man have a distinct Naija accent?

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