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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Renewed Hope.

So a few friends of mine came at me this morning, asking if I had written something great for them, today being Nigeria's 54th Independence Day and all.  I had written the briefest post earlier on this issue because I just couldn't bring myself to write any more on the situation of things in Nigeria talkless of "celebrating" her. 

Then I read a comment from one of my ardernt readers that really touched me and prompted me to write this post I had been mulling over. He said:

I'd actually been looking forward to reading something Inspiring and Soul-Lifting from you this morning, but then, I guess even the best of us gets weighed down by the vicissitudes of life in this our Great you cannot be blamed for being short on words!!!

However, like you'd say....AllHeartAlways.......

We've chosen to be Patriots (even though that is a very difficult JOB)
We've chosen to believe in Nigeria
We've chosen to be AllHeartAlways......!!!

God Bless You.. "

A very touching and encouraging comment. It certainly cheered me up enough to write this post. Thanks Penfold. 

Just before I read his comment, I came across a piece of news about the first case of Ebola being discovered in America. The victim, who just got back from Liberia, was initially given antibiotics and sent home before the discovery was made two days later. Two whole days later; during which he'd been in contact with several others. Chaiiiii, not good at all. The gravity of this Ebola virus once again dawned on me as I realized how much Dr. Adadevoh sacrificed and put at stake by not letting that dreadful Sawyerr out of her hospital. I mentally gave her a hug and said a prayer for her soul and for all the other medical personnels who died in their bid to contain the virus. 

It dawned on me that their sacrifices are worth celebrating this Independence Day for. Imagine if the deadly virus hadn't been contained, would we even remember today as our independence day? I mean just look at the state of breakdown Liberia is in now. It's a very tragic situation for them. Those who gave up their lives to contain Ebola in Nigeria are true Nigerians that make me proud to be a Nigerian. 

The google doodle at the top of this post has brought about split opinions on social media this morning. There have been arguements for and against the concept and interpretation of the art. I'm not even going to go into all that. In my opinion, as irritating as the picture might be, it speaks the bitter truth most of us remain in denial about. We are not really living in Nigeria, we are merely existing. We smile despite the huge amount of sufferings and challenges we face daily. If this life were to be a game of footie, all Nigerians are the real MVPs!! *claps hands solemnly and doffs hat*

That being said, I want to encourage us not to give up nor despair. I know they make it so damn hard to love Nigeria, but love her we must as citizens and patriots. It is left for you and I to snap out of the delusional coma and deliberate ignorance we have cloaked ourselves with, thus easing the burden of the challenges we are faced with daily. It is up to you and I to go out and vote right when the time comes, sentiments, tribalism and religious bias aside. It is up to us to understand our rights and fight for them accordingly. It is up to us to educate all those around us in order for us to pull in one direction. Educate your maids, mechanics, plumbers, electrician, cab men, labourers, hairdressers, marketers, transporters, etc on how great a country we can be if we vote for the best people that have the best interest of the country at heart. Encourage them to vote regardless of the known stigma of rigging that occurs. Let them know that by not voting at all or voting amiss, we will have selfish idiots rule over us and prey on our intelligence while looting and plundering us blind. Encourage them to be AllHeartsAlways by being so yourself. Read and share my posts over the past three days with them, and let's take and apply the leasons in them. 

I wish us all a successful and productive year ahead and I hope by this time next year, we will be singing a new song. 

Happy 54th birthday my beloved Nigeria. 


  1. kinda late but nevertheless happy indepence we justhave to keep praying for Nigeria


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