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Monday, 20 October 2014

A Legit Cry For Help!!!

Sigh. I honestly don't even know how to start this post. It is very disheartening and I sincerely hope this post and the other appeals to the Ogun State, from those affected, to come through will yield the desired results. Take a look at the pictures below:

Yes, that's an actual canoe you're seeing to help people cross. Sigh.
So many vehicles keep breaking down right in the waters. They are the brave ones for attempting.
No, you did not step back in time. These shockingly appalling pictures were taken by my hubby yesterday afternoon and it shows what used to be a road/bridge along the Denro/Ishashi (Ojodu-Abiodun) axis, which is now flooded and inaccessible to commuters. I moved into the neighbourhood late last year and even though I heard a few stories/rumours of how bad things could get on this axis, it did not quite sink in until last week. From what I gathered, some dams are opened every couple of years when the rains get too much. This is to stop the dams from bursting but the consequences of opening those dams are what you can see in the pictures above. Well, last week or so, the dams were opened and this is the result! We have been cut off from the rest of the town.

One would think the years in between the dams being opened would give any considerate government the time to fix things on a more permanent basis in order to stop such flooding from occurring. Alas, this is Nigeria a country well known for its anyhowness approach to situations. :(

As I write this post, my children are at home because there's no way I would have let their school bus pass through the depths of these waters. I had to leave my house as early as 4.30am and take an alternative route, which is as long as it is rugged and bumpy, in order to get to work on time. To top it off, we haven't had power supply in over a month! Not. Even. A. Blink!!!! I can tell you categorically that we have spent well over N60,000 on purchasing fuel for our generator during this period and that's not counting how much servicing the generator has cost. or other costs incurred from not having power supply from the source. I intend to move out of this area ASAP but moving won't fix things. We need the government to do right by the people residing in this area.

I wish I would get proper and adequate answers to the questions below and prompt solutions to them: as well.

*Why is nothing being done to help the residents of this area? 
*Why should people be stuck in their homes without help from the government as a result of a dam being opened? 
*How come there has been no lasting solution to these problems which clearly did not start today? *Why do the citizens keep getting deprived of basic amenities which are a part of our fundamental human rights? 
*Why should my family have to suffer and pay direly for the lapses of others whom we have put in charge of our societal affairs? 
*What then is the point of paying tax if I cannot have access to good roads, constant power and potable water in 2014?????

This was taken last week, before things got worse. And I thought we had it bad then. :(
This is an open plea to the concerned government and all bodies in charge of this road to kindly do the needful. It is a pitiable disgrace to the country as a whole that people have to exist like this, for this is not living at all.

Please send this to those you know can help. Thank you.

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