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Monday, 13 October 2014

Buki's Bits.......

Hi readers, thank you for being amazing as always. I'm starting a new post trend called Buki's Bits (flushes all impure thoughts that title might evoke in your mind, lol) and it will be a collection of topics covering everything and anything. The frequency would be determined by the feedback I receive, so let me have it. :)

Oscar Pistorius's Trial Ends Soon
 Oscar's ongoing manslaughter trial will be coming to an end hopefully this week. It has been one full of twists and turns with the various witnesses and evidences intrigues. It all comes down to two things, one being either he walks away a free man or he goes to jail for at least 15 years. I hope it's the latter because in my opinion, based on the evidences of him being an aggressive boyfriend to late Reeva, and the fact that he did shoot several times through the bathroom door knowing it was just himself and his girlfriend in the house and not bothering to check on her first, he is guilty of at least manslaughter. If I were the judge I'd not only send him to jail, I would ensure he goes without his artificial limbs as well. (Kidding, not. Lol)

No Bra Day
#NoBraDay is a Cancer Awareness hashtag and a campaign which is meant to focus on what women go through concerning breast cancer and enlightening people on early detection. Typically especially since it includes breasts, people have gone a bit gaga on this online. There have been all sorts of pictures and demands and what-not. While I think the message it aims to pass out is strong, I somehow think the way they have gone about it is not quite the best because there are some people who clearly were deprived of being breast fed as babies who would always sexualize such things and make a mockery out of it. Because, bress.

This was someone's idea of a #NoBraDay joke.
The image below is what we should be sharing instead while encouraging men and women to get screened. Yes, men do have breast cancer too!!!

Our Wealthy Men of God
So I saw a list stating that at least five of the wealthiest pastors in the world are Nigerians. Sigh. While I'm not opposed to them living a comfortable life, I find it really insulting that the majority of people they "Shepherd" wallow in physical, mental and intellectual poverty while they keep taking from them. If your congregation pay offerings weekly and you invest this money and thus get wealthy from it, you ought to give them cash back as their profit and returns on investment. The church funds you invested and used for business was not taxed, so it should be a sort of crime to make wealth from it without giving back to the initial 'donors'. And when I say giving back to your congregation, I mean giving them the profit due them in cash and not in form of anointing oil, grass, fuel, bulletins, books (especially the ones you wrote), etc. 

Largely, the lack of basic amenities is what leads most people to these churches in the first place. A poor woman with a sick child or a jobless husband and no recourse to public funds or access to basic healthcare seeks solace in the miracles promised in a church. Getting her to drop her "widow's mite" in hopes of such miracle would be no problem. Sometimes I think the minimal number of trained shrinks/psychologists/psychiatrists we have in Nigeria has led some so called Men of God to think they can fill this gap. I hope someday, Nigerians will see things for what they truly are. (Mind you, I'm a Christian and I believe in God. I just happen to be able to see through the bullshit most of these so called MOGs churn out. Shine your eyes people, and read the bible yourself.)

Jungle Justice or Just Justice??
Last week in India, a middle aged man was caught sexually molesting a teenager in an alley and he was apprehended by a mob. They stripped him and beat him up for an hour before chopping off his penis and testicles with a meat cleaver! Anyone who knows me knows I abhor rape in any form and I have been involved in the campaign for Stand To End Rape and also written this and this on the issue, but the fact remains that Jungle Justice IS Jungle Justice. I would be totally livid to find anyone molesting any of my children but there is the slim chance that this guy could have been innocent. It is possible the girl would deny consent to save face and keep her family's honour at the detriment of the man's life. Jungle Justice is wrong and it is never a lesser crime to that which is being avenged in the first place. 

The Mean Nana
Last week, a young lady in anguish described how her baby-daddy's mother, whom she kindly  accommodated in England, kidnapped her young daughter and fled to Nigeria with her. I was so shocked at such a cruel act. It took several days before bad-nana was located and the child retrieved from her. As a woman and mother herself, one has to wonder how she could do such a nefarious thing to another mother. Even worse is the fact that her son had never acknowledged the existence of the child in question, and as a matter of fact had asked the young mother to get rid of the pregnancy at the initial stages of pregnancy. Ahnahn!!! I am relieved it ended well, with the maternal grandmother taking custody of the child to reunite her with her mother. I hope bad-nana faces the full wrath of the law soon.

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