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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beautiful Morning And Then I Found This..... :)

Hi people, yay for the weekend. My weekend is packed with a whole lot of work and activities and I really hope I can get some much needed rest in between.

I found the video below and it blew my mind away blissfully. I was screaming and wowing as loud as the crowd witnessing this amazing performance. (I've also warned hubby to beat this performance when we have our traditional wedding. Yes, after a traditional introduction, court and church wedding, we still owe our families a traditional wedding. That's another post for another day though, lol)


What are you getting up to this weekend? :)


  1. Resting all the way. Beautiful weather however the sounds of generators blaring et humming like the hummingbird is bliss for me JUST cos it is a Saturday.


  2. Weekend in doors, very boring though! PHCN have been very kind until 30 mins ago


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