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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Overcoming Heartbreak....

Yup! Heartbreak lane, we've all been down this road. Every relationship has different causes of heartbreak and each person has their ways of dealing with the pains and hurt. Some of us get over it quicker than others, while for most the hurt lingers. I've seen heartbreak consume people and it is not a pretty sight or situation to be in.

More often than not, the heart-breaker does not even realize how much damage they've caused and thus they appear to move on far quicker than the hurting partner. For me this should serve as a motivator. Just allow your mind imagine the much fun the heart-breaker is having and then ask yourself why you should wallow in self pity while the one who caused you so much pain is "grooving".

Of course when you are hurting, imagining the pain is a "blessing from God" is the last thing your mind wants to accept, but you have to realize that time heals all wounds and wounds all heels too as a matter of fact.

One thing I know is that healing from a heartbreak starts from within. You have to let your mind and body heal and get on with life.

Cry, have your friends over to have drinks and a bashing session, mope around for a few days even, play love songs that will make you cry some more, talk to your family, focus on moving on, get busy, be positive, smile, see life in a different light and rebuild your life. Now I know that some of these recommendations are far easier said than done, but |I also know that they are do-able, so hop to it and get your life back on track.

I kind of like how Robin Thicke is trying to win back his wife. He seems really sorry he messed up and everything but lawd knows what he must have done so bad to make her decide to quit and move on with her life. Like R.Kelly sang, "when a woman's fed up, there ain't nothing you can do about it". Or is there?

I read a tweet the other morning about Robin that cracked me up though;

@BmoreNigerian: Robin Thicke singing his way into a restraining order! 

That's just wrong, hehehe. He's making some efforts, gotta give him that. If you've hurt someone it is always best to try every way possible to make up so both of you can either carry on or get closure.

Have a splendid day ahead, people.



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