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Friday, 11 July 2014

ROFLMAO: Back In The Days Kindda Status Updates

I came across this on Facebook and while the two fellas (good and cheeky) sitting on both sides of  my shoulders debated on whether it was appropriate enough to share, my brain figured since it was good enough for me to find hilarious, why not share it. Life is too short to be too uptight anyways. ;) Enjoy.

 The kinds of status we would be updating on FB, Twitter & Instagram if we were in the
times of Moses, Noah, Adam and Abraham:

1. Guys its scary, Lot's wife just turned into a pillar of salt. #shaking

2. Pimping my camel, Jerusalem here I come...

3. Just chilling in first class at Noah's ark, the view here is fantastic.. But these Lions
keep staring at me weird. #Noah'svoyage

4.Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai...miracles be going down here.

5. Eve and hubby got banished, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who
does that? #smh

6. Jacob's status: Things we do for love, cant believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her. Love u Rachel!

7. Some people are so cruel!
Cain how do u kill your own brother? #RIPAbel

8. One of Jesus' disciples post: What a long day...Walking and preaching the gospel. Now chilling with my brothers. These guys
are funny...LLP! (Laughing Like pharoah)

9. Isaac: Damn, dad nearly sacrifised me...#selfiewithram ya'll

10. Mary: Joseph is not replying my whatsapp messages. He still thinks i cheated...Grow up duh๐Ÿ’

11. David: Guys this balcony is b b ...I can see everything. Female anatomy 101 #word

12. Jezebel: victoria's secret is da bomb...

13. Cant believe Elisha just allowed bears to eat up those children. #Like seriously?

14. Samson: The chick sold me out...I'm going to bring the roof down on this party.

15. Judas did what? That bro ain't loyal.#smh



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