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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hilariously Wacky Wedding Pictures ......

Where is the groom? Peek-a-boo!!

It's all about the angle, no?


Sigh. All I see are faces behind curtains and a bride. -_-

To have and to ermm, hold. Okbye!!!

I. Can't. Even. Explain. This.

For better, for worse!!! :)

The look on her face, is the look on mine right now. O.o

Yes, this is a real wedding. Ahem, very creative. :)
You may kiss the bride and then eat her all up!! OkBye.....


  1. lol @ d bride n faces behind the curtains. I remember watching d shrek wedding on dstv....guess its deir dream wedding though

  2. I kinda like the shrek wedding! Am I normal? Lool!


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