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Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Hand-Written Letter, Yes You Read Right................ :)

When last did you get a hand written letter? Yes, a hand written letter and not a typed chat or text. I know you're thinking "ermmm, what's the need of that when I can get my messages across over the web and stuff,  but there was a time when hand written letters were the bees knees. I loved (still do) getting them and writing them (even though my handwriting is appalling, lol). There's just something special and personal about getting a hand-written letter in the post that I cannot put into words properly.

Getting an email about a decade ago used to be so exciting and fresh, while letters were a part of life, these days the reverse is the case. I'm sure some people have never received hand written letters before. I recall those love notes we used to pass across desks and behind classrooms or even during dinner in secondary school and the excitements the recipients feels hiding it quickly away from view to read later at night in the cocoon of their beds in the dormitory. You know just what I'm talking about, don't you, lol?

On Valentine's day this year, I wrote a nice letter to hubby. I also wrote some short notes to a couple of friends on twitter and they replied. We wrote the notes out, took pictures of them and shared them on twitter. It felt close to receiving a letter via post. It felt good.

 Write and share a letter today, I just did. :)

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