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Sunday, 20 July 2014

How Far Is Far Enough To Protect Your Child?

I recall a few days after I had my son and was discharged from the hospital, an incident happened that made me realise how much my senses and reflex as a mother had heightened. I had just given him a bath and dressed him up and there I sat and watched him as he slept, still in awe of his being. It was summer and I had left the window slightly ajar, when this very random but mean-looking bug flew in. From the way I reacted, you would have thought it was an armed drone that flew in! I saw red and instinctively lashed out at the bug with pure intent to kill before it got to the cradle. One swat brought it down, but I was still seeing red at the sheer effrontery of the bug flying into my baby's room. Did it not know my new baby was asleep? Did it want to sting my wee baby? I wasn't satisfied that the bug was down, I squashed it to ensure it was dead.

Sigh! I felt a bit bad for the bug afterwards, but such was the maternal instinct and hormones raging in me at the time. That maternal instinct hasn't toned down since then. I am very protective of my children, God love them, and I would gladly lay down my life to ensure their safety without a thought.

So imagine my shock as I read the story that broke a few days ago about how a 35-year-old father caught an 18-year-old family friend molesting his 11-year-old son!!!

The poor father beat the living day-lights out of the molester till he was unconscious and then he called 911 to come get him. He used just his fists and foot to give the moron a damn good beating. I marvel at his restraints of not killing the molester. That is the height of self-control, walking in on a grown man molesting your son, pants down and not killing him.

Before bashing: Raymond Frolander, the molester.

After bashing: Raymond Frolander, the molester.

I left the summer bug in a worse state, and I honestly do not know if I would have such restraints as this father had while beating up this shameless Raymond, who should have known better. Sadly, Raymond had been molesting the poor boy for THREE years!! Since he was 9 years old. Lord, hold me back. I know this probably means that Raymond himself had most likely been introduced to this sort of thing at an early stage but that doesn't excuse his actions in doing same to another child, and intimidating the poor lad with threats if he ever revealed it to anyone. That wouldn't even matter to me when I'm pummelling his sorry behind. -_-

I hope the poor victim heals physically and mentally. Child-rape is all shades of wrong. I also hope Raymond gets a long time in jail and also gets rehabilitated. I sincerely hope nothing like this would ever happens to my children because I would not be held liable for my actions. I really hope this generation will see an end to all forms of rape.


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